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Millwall FC Sezon 2018-19

Na tej stronie można się zapoznać z terminarzem spotkań klubu Millwall rozgrywanych w tym sezonie na The Den. Sprzedajemy bilety na wszystkie poniższe mecze u siebie, rozgrywane w ramach 1. division/ Sky Bet Championship i Pucharu FA. Przeczytaj więcej o Millwall FC tutaj

Millwalll FC was founded in the poor coastal docking areas in southeast London in 1885. 

Some clubs are known for their great football achievements or for their ability to develop young talents into shining stars, others are notorious for their supporters. 
When the players are getting onto the field, "Everybody knows us, we're called Millwall!" is booming from The Cold Blow Lane, the singing stand of Millwall’s home ground, The Den. And it’s true, everybody knows FC Millwall. Everybody knows about the riots in Luton in 1985, the battles against the West Ham, and that the Millwall firm, "The Millwall Bushwackers", are portrayed as the bad guys in the famous films ‘Green Street Hooligans’ and ‘The Football Factory’. 
In the late 1800s there were two large and competing coal merchants in East London. When the two companies founded their own football teams, which we today call Millwall FC and West Ham United, it was obvious that the two football clubs would be sworn enemies. 
The fact that both the coal companies (and, thus, their football clubs) were ruled by the two biggest organized crime families in East London made it all the worse.
Today, Millwall is not only associated with the past violence and hooliganism. The club is deeply involved in helping poor families in local areas Bermondsey and Peckham, and also has a close partnership with the Prostate Cancer UK charity. 
Seeing a game at The Den is an experience you won’t forget, you get the best of both the familiar ambiance of a small club, and the profanity against an opponent, referees, and sometimes even their own players... 
Millwall FC is a team that struggles between the Championship and League 1 (second and third division in the English football structure). However, they are capable of pretty impressive runs. Like in 2004, when Millwall reached the final of the world's oldest football tournament, The FA Cup, (lost 0-3 to Manchester United, with a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo), and in 2013, when they played the semi-finals of the same cup, but lost to Wigan, that went on to win the tournament against Manchester City.

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The Den

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The Den,
Zampa Road,
London SE16 3LN

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Nearest tube stations are Surrey Quays (25 min. walk) and New Cross Gate(15 min. walk)

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